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Oh hello there! I am Professor Schnakks of the Hangry Institute in Hungary. I was just working on a new snack. My current research at the Institute is about healthy snacks. What can people snack on that is actually good for them? When I think healthy, I think high protein, low carbs–that kind of stuff. So what just popped into my scientist brain? Beans! So I am working on a birthday cake made entirely of high protein, high fiber, low carb, low sugar beans! My most successful birthday cake recipe is made from Lima beans, refried beans, Pinto beans and Navy beans. I admit it doesn’t taste very good, but…it is a birthday cake that blows out it’s own candles!

You may be wondering why I am working on healthy snacks. The answer is in one very powerful word–Hangry. The Hangry definition is “Being irritable as a result of being hungry”. This is a very serious condition that can strike at any time and has serious consequences, perhaps for the entire world! You see, if you are hungry, that can turn into the irritable state called being hangry. If you are hangry, who would want to be around you? You are irritable, prone to arguments, and not feeling romantic at all! As a result, suddenly, the world wide birthrate drops, and humanity is at risk! We must stop hangry in its tracks!

How do you stop hangry? Luckily that is easy. Just eat a snack. I have been working on healthy snack alternatives at the Hangry Institute, but now as I think about it, I should maybe stay away from snacks made entirely of beans if I want more romance and more babies. I will make a note of that in my research.

Of course, my one favorite place I go for the best snack box full of healthy snacks is Hangrykits.com. In large part due to my extensive, intensive research over the years, and ok, maybe Reuben the owner has a little something to do with it, Hangrykits.com has become the most popular destination in the world to get snack boxes that range from fun and festive to healthy and delicious. It doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is or what your eating habits are, the range of snack box selection at Hangrykits.com will amaze you.

    Some examples of Healthy Snack Boxes at Hangrykits.com

    Let me give you a few examples of the kind of healthy snack boxes that are available here on Hangrykits.com.

    If you love yoga, doing the poses and living a more centered existence, Hangrykits.com has you covered. There is actually a snack box, called the Yoga Kit, that has been tailored made for your tastes. The kit includes healthy snacks, such as Kind Chia Bars and Sensibly Sweet Sesame Thins, and All Energy Trail Mix. Want to be healthy but you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Hangry kits thought of that too. In their Yoga Kit they have included Healthy Grains Dark Chocolate, Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, Lemon and Coconut Luna bars and so much more. To help with your yoga practice, Hangry Kits goes beyond just snacks you can eat, and includes a Chakra Stone, Lava Rock Aromatherapy Bracelet and an exercise band for you. Need to be mindful, slow down and savor each moment? The Herbal Tea singles included in the kit will help you transition to a calmer state.

    Hangry Kits also has options for you if you are gluten-free very creatively named Gluten-Free Kit. Delicious, nutritious, healthy snacks that are all gluten-free to support your lifestyle. Tasty gluten free snacks such as Fruit and Nut Delight, Almond and Apricot Kind Bars, Oat and Maple Pecan and Lemon Poppyseed GF Oat Bars. Up for something more savory?. Raspberry Almonds and and Vermont Smoke Pork Sticks will just about do the trick!

    Believe it or not, there are also a snack box designed for those on the Keto diet. The Ketogenic diet, or Keto diet for short, is a diet high in fat, but very low in carbohydrates that has enough protein to keep you healthy. Since the carbs are so low, it is meant to have your body start burning fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. Do you need to follow a Keto diet, or are you or a friend trying it for health and weight loss reasons? You should buy and try the Keto Kit.

    Included in the Keto Kit are Beef jerky, Pumpkin seeds and Jalapeno Beef Sticks. Protein coconut cashew, Turkey Nicks Sticks and Health Warrior Chia Banana Nut. It’s pretty Neato if your doing Keto!


    What did I learn today?

    • I learned that hangry is a world-wide phenomenon, and must be stopped!
    • I found out that anyone can go from hungry to hangry anytime
    • I now understand that beans are not the answer. Beans actually create more questions, especially in a crowded room.

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