Retail Hangry Kits

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We have sold tens of thousands of Hangry Kits in over 500 stores nationwide. We’ve tested sizes, prices, mixes, you name it. We have narrowed our retail kit down to a single “Mini Kit” that we suggest selling at $14.99. It’s a plastic emergency Hangry Kit that comes fully stocked and is 100% reusable. Did we mention it’s 100% made in the USA?! It also has over 50% margin. To get better acquainted please see the product label below (this label is on the back of our retail kit over shrink wrap):

Our retail Hangry Kits sell! Especially in gift shops. We sell best at resorts, theme parks, airports, and anywhere where people are buying souvenirs. We also sell well in places where families are traveling and need snacks. Slap a city name, landmark, state, event, etc. to the front or our mini kit and watch them fly off your shelves. You give us your logo, or we can draw something up

Our best selling gift shop to date uses this label on the front of their retail Hangry Kit, at no extra cost:

We are so sure your kits will sell we will buyback any inventory that didn’t sell on your first order and pay for return shipping. We have always had this policy and have yet to use it! Minimum purchase is only 1 case of 36, what do you have to lose? Please fill out the form below to receive pricing information and get started.

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