The Hound


The Hound


Kit Contents:

Some people can sense jerky from thirty miles away. 

They have a sixth, or maybe even a seventh, sense when it comes to sniffing out dehydrated animal products. You’ve learned you need to lock your cupboards in advance when they come over. If you face this problem, the Jerky Hound Hangrykit is your solution. This diverse collection of savory jerky products will satisfy even the keenest Jerky Hound. Until their next visit.

Like Stephen Curry on the basketball court, the Jerky Hound has superhuman powers when consuming the meaty goodness of quality jerky. This person can sniff jerky from miles away, and no jerky stash is safe while they roam free. Unless, that is, you have the Jerky Hound Hangrykit on hand. This collection of quality dehydrated meats will bring even the most rabid Jerky Hound to heel.

Hand-picked by the rugged frontiersman of the Montana Rockies, the Jerky Hound Hangrykit is for the snacker whose love of dehydrated meat is matched only by their love of flannel. If you can sense jerky from three counties away, chop firewood as a hobby, and believe watching grizzly bears should be a spectator sport, the Jerky Hound is for you. This peerless collection of quality jerky products is for people who find life too tame without the meaty, salty goodness of a great jerky snack.

What’s in the Box?

1 x Old Trapper “Old Fashioned” Beef Jerky

1 x Vacadillos Chile Lime Air Dried Beef

1 x Jack Link’s Jalapeno Beef Jerky

1 x Stryve Beef Biltong

1 x Hempler’s Peppered Beef Jerky

1 x Tillamook Beef Jerky

1 x The New Primal Beef Thins BBQ

1 x Country Archer Grass-Fed Jerky

Note: due to availability we may change some of the brands from time to time. There will however, always be a delicious selections of items in your Premium Jerky Sampler Box!

*In the event that a listed item is unavailable at the time of purchase, we will replace it with a similar item.