How can Keto snacks help Hangry?

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Welcome back my hungry friends who are looking for tasty Keto snacks! I am Professor Schnakks from the Hangry Institute in Hungary. At the Hangry Institute, we study the condition known as Hangry. Hangry is simply the condition when you get irritable and angry, because you are hungry. The condition is actually very serious. As you may know, when you are angry, you become less popular. You become about as popular as an itch at a nudist colony. You are less likely to be invited to a car race or a cotillion. Way down the list to be asked to go to a rave or a restaurant. And it would be extremely rare to have your presence requested at a jamboree or a jungle cruise. What do you do when you feel the Hangry coming on? Should you panic? Should you cry out in frustration to the universe. No! You just reach for the cure. No problem! The cure is easy–you snack!

That’s right, just snack. Snacks take away the hunger, and avoids the hangry. At the Hangry Institute, that is also something we do–we develop new snacks! Recently, I tried making a birthday cake out of four different kind of beans: Navy Beans, Pinto Beans, Garbanzo Beans and Kidney Beans. It didn’t taste very good, and had very bad side effects. Let’s just say that the taste blew me away! So I dumped the project, but I had all of these leftover beans, so I decided to make a pita sandwich out of them. The result was actually pretty tasty. So tasty, that I began to make big plans. I named the sandwich the “Re-Pita”, and had designed a 1960’s music themed cafe called “Pita, Paul and Mary”. I worked on the concept day and night, and went to the bank for funding. Unfortunately, I was hungry when I went to the bank, and when they said my idea had no merit and in their words, the entire idea was just “so much hot air”, I felt myself begin to get HANGRY!

Lucky for me, since I work at the Hangry Institute, I quickly realized what was happening. I thanked the bank official, and made my speedy exit back to my car. Once I was safetly inside the vehicle, I reached over and cracked open my Hangry kit from I always have a couple of these kits handy at all times. I have some in my car, some in my labratory, and some at home. The kit I happened to have in my car that day was the Keto Kit. I had the Keto Kit because I have been trying the Keto diet for a while. With all of the snack research (and sampling) I have been doing in the laboratory at the Hangry Institute, I have slowly gone from being a fun-sized Professor Schnakk to a extra-large party-size Schnakk! So I thought doing a little Keto would be kind of neat-o! The Keto diet, officially known as the Ketogenic diet, is a way of eating less carbs and more protein. The idea is that you can get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. So, you try to eliminate carbs that you digest quickly, like carbs from sugar, soda, baked goods and processed white bread. That is why, when I opened my Keto Snack Box from, I grabbed the Chefs Cut Beef Jerky and gobbled it down as quickly as I could. It was delicious, and I could actually feel the Hangry melting away as I consumed the delectable snack.

Some examples of Healthy Snack Boxes at

At, they have many snack boxes for just about every taste and every occasion. They have the Chocolate Favorites Kit, the Kid Kit, the Super Sour Kit, even the Beer Kit and the Gamer Kit! I always keep a couple on hand for the convenience and the variety that come in each snack box. I use it to keep away Hangry, but actually, the snack boxes would also make great gifts.

Since the Keto Kit saved the day this time, I should tell you that the Keto Kit includes the delicious Chefs Cut Beef Jerky that I gobbled with relish in the car, and there are many other delicious snacks included as well. Snacks in the Keto Kit include such delicious fare as the Super Seedz Pumpkin Seeds, several varieties of Chomps Beef Sticks, such as Jalapeno and Original, a coconut-cashew protein bar from Primal Kitchen, a Nugo Slim Raspberry Truffle and a Health Warrior Raspberry Truffle. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, there is also a Chia Banna Nut and a Smart Sweets fruity Gummy Bear!

What did I learn today?

  1. I learned that hangry is a serious condition that can be stopped with a snack!
  2. I found out that anyone can go from hungry to hangry anytime
  3. I learned that if you have a deep itch, hope that you are not at a nudist colony!

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