Hangry Kits Essential Kit: How it saved my life!

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<p>The Hangry Kits Essential Kit saved my life.  Seriously! I will tell you the story but first, Welcome back!  I am Professor Schnakks from the Hangry Institute in Hungary. I have to tell you a story about the Hangry Kits Essential Kit. As you know, at the Hangry Institute, we research the condition known as Hangry.  That occurs when you are hungry, and something happens that makes you irritable. This serious condition could put you in life-threatening situations, like the time I was at our annual Hangry Convention. I was in a session, and I was starting to get hungry.  I should have known better, because I of all people study and can recognize the early warning signs of hangry! Being hungry is the first symptom. As we say in the business, we have to be careful that hUngry doesn’t turn into hAngry!</p>

<p>Well, I was just sitting there, minding my own business, getting more and more hungry, when someone whispered something in my ear.  First of all, don’t do that! That creeped me out! Also, have you ever noticed that people with bad breath want to tell SECRETS! This guy whispered his breathy, hot whisper into my ear and I just about fainted. It wasn’t so much what he said but how it smelled. Oh! How it smelled. It smelled like two things mixed together. The first smell was like if a rabid dog had coughed up a rotting carcass of a former enemy that died from his own body odor. And the other smell? Ah yes, there it was. The perfect pairing for this olfactory feast.  Cheese. And not the good kind. The foot cheese smell, mixed with the smell that comes out of hockey bags, nursing home laundry baskets and the seats of rental bicycles. </p>

<p>This is when Hangry Kits Essential Kits saved my life.  I was hungry, and a whiff of that whispery breath made me instantly begin to get…HANGRY.  I turned around to face my breather, and was just about to say something that Hangry made me say, like “Hey Cheese Cube, why don’t you go off by yourself and have another meatstick you smelly…” but as I turned around, I realized that the breather was none other than Annie Snackilldo, one of our benefactors and major contributors to the Hangry Institute. And behind her was her husband, Al Muttsell, who worked out 7 days a week and was so strong he could rip the sleeves of his shirt just by flexing.  If I would have said what I wanted to say to Annie Snackilldo, I truly think that her husband would have turned me into a meatstick.</p>

<p>I turned around, smiled and said “Excuse me for a moment, won’t you”? And left the room, quickly searching my briefcase for the hangry cure. Oh yes, there is a cure, a very simple, effective cure for being hangry.  You snack! That’s all, grab a snack and start to eat!</p>

<p>Well, lucky for me, I had the Essential Kit from Hangry Kits.com in my briefcase. I opened it up and grabbed the first snack I could, which was a delicious rice Krispie treat.  I gobbled that up, and quickly followed it up with some Planters Salted Peanuts. A Peanut Butter Cracker and a package of Austin Cookies later, I could feel the hangry leaving, and I honestly couldn’t remember what made me so cheesed off in the first place!</p>

<p>The rest of the Essential Kit from Hangrykits.com was just as tasty. There are Nature Valley Crunchy Bar, Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, Goldfish Crackers,  Chex Mix, Pringles Snack Pack,White Cheddar Pirate’s Booty Popcorn, Snyder’s Mini Pretzel, Cheddar Cheez-its, Knott’s StrawberryCookies, Fruit Snacks, air Heads, Hi Chew gum and even some Laffy Taffy.</p>

<p>So you see, the Hangry Kits Essential Kit really saved my life, or at least stopped me from being turned into a meat stick! I never did find out what Annie Snackilldo whispered to me that day, but I was reminded once again how hUngry can turn to hAngry anytime, and always have a snack around is so important.</p>

What I have learned today:

  1. The Essentials Kit from Hangrykits.com can save lives
  2. People with bad breath want to tell secrets!

<p>Check out Hangrykits.com to order the Essential Kit, and many other kits besides. You will be sure to find one that suits your tastes! There is the kit named Peanut Butter Delight, and another one called Chocolate Favorites.  Just hearing the names of those kits makes me want to go and buy a few to have on hand. They have the Spicy Hangry Kit, the Ramen Hangry Kit and many more. Check out Hangrykits.com to get a snack kit today! You never know, it could save your life!</p>