Hangry Kits Chocolate Favorites Kit saved my marriage

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Hangry Kits Chocolate Favorites Kit saved my marriage. I can’t wait to tell you the story, but I get ahead of myself. Where are my manners! Welcome back! As you know, I am Professor Schnakks, lead researcher at the Hangry Institute here with you again! I have made it my life’s mission to find ways to stop a very serious condition that is affecting the very fabric of our modern society: the condition known as–Hangry! The formula for Hangry is hungry + angry = hangry. You may be a little hungry, a little peckish, jonesing for a little somethin’ somethin’, and then, something irritates you. Something makes you mad, sends you over the edge, ticks you off. Then–the hUngry turns into hAngry. But you want to know how the Chocolate Favorites Kit saved my marriage! Allow me to tell you.

This happened to me just the other day. We were at a family wedding. Someone from my side was getting married, and my wife grudgingly came along because, as you know if you are married, you don’t just buy the milk, you buy the whole cow! If you are married, you don’t just get your spouse, you get the messed up family they came from! Super duper!

So, my wife came along, but she wasn’t happy. To make things worse, she didn’t have time for breakfast that morning, so she was hungry. Uh oh, the tinder was dry, just waiting for the match to light the hAngry fire! Then, the icing on the cake, we ended up sitting next to my grandfather. He is known as a bit of a practical joker, and today was no different. My wife ended up sitting on one side of him, and I sat on the other side in the pew. The church was totally quiet, and as we sat down on the bench, my fun-loving grandfather took that exact moment to play the worst-timed practical joke ever, and sat down on a whoopee cushion. The sound it made echoed throughout the entire church. You could hear the gasps of horror, some muffled giggles, and my wife’s anger rising when she realized that many people were looking at her as the culprit.

She turned to him and in an angry whisper that could be heard throughout the assembly, she said “Why did you sit on that whoopee cushion?”He looked back at her and said the worst thing possible “That wasn’t a whoopee cushion”.

Everyone started laughing, my wife turned bright red, and it looked like she was about to leave. Her hunger had turned to hangry and she was going to have no more of this.
I thought fast. What was the cure to hangry? Oh yes! Of course! A snack! I check my suitcoat pockets and found the contents of the Hangrykits Chocolate Lovers kit I had stashed there earlier, for a little snack before dinner. I had concealed on my person a delicious feast of 14 handpicked chocolate bars, 9 varieties of chocolate treats and snacks, all carefully chosen for the chocolate lover, of which my wife was one.

I flashed her my most charming “I love you honey bear” smile, and held out her favorite chocolate bar. Now, she is a strong woman, not to be toyed with or manipulated. But the combination of my charming smile, plus the offering of her favorite chocolate treat, worked together to make her grab it out of my hand. After a bite or two, the snack worked it’s magic and started to take the edge off the hangry, and she started to smile at the silliness of the situation.

Without that Chocolate Lovers kit from Hangrykits.com, I do believe that my wife would have left that day, and perhaps my marriage would have been gone like so much hot air in the wind. I have to thank hangrykits.com for coming to my rescue, eliminating the hangry and saving my marriage.

You should check out hangrykits.com. They have the Chocolate Lovers Kit, Peanut Butter Delight Kit, Essentials Kit and many more. In addition to being filled with delicious snacks and making great gifts, you should keep some on hand to combat the ever-present danger of hUngry turning into hAngry. Hey, you never know when you may need to save a marriage!

What I learned today:

    The formula for Hangry is hungry + angry = hangry

      When you get married, you marry the whole family

        A Chocolate Lovers Kit from Hangrykits.com can save a marriage!

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