Hangry definition and the snack box cure

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Hangry Definition

The Hangry definition is “Being irritable as a result of being hungry”. People have felt this way since there have been people. We get hungry. We want FOOD! If no food, no happy. No happy, no good marriage, no kids, no parties, no nothing. Being Hangry is a threat to humanity! Therefore, the CURE to being Hangry not only saves lives, but saves marriages, parties, and mankind itself. Having snack boxes on hand can help cure this scourge to society!

Because of the incredible importance of curing “Hangry”, we study this phenomenon and the healing effect of snack boxes at the Hangry Institute. I am a professor there and have studied and experienced the Hangry definition and phenomenon, along with the palliative powers inherent in snack boxes, first hand for over 50 years. If you want to do your part to save humanity, you may want to listen to my findings.

How does Hangry begin?

Being Hangry starts with being hungry. Ok, we have all been hungry. I can deal with that. But then something comes along that changes hUngry to hAngry. You never know when it will come. That little thing that will send you over the edge, and hangry will emerge from your cave-man essence like an angry, hungry presence. This happened to me just the other day. I was just walking along, minding my own business, thinking about how much I was in need of some snack boxes filled with tasty, delicious and satisfying snacks. Maybe a candy bar, maybe some chips. You know, healthy stuff. I noticed this lady walking along the sidewalk coming towards me. She was older than me, wearing a dress and pulling one of those wire collapsible carts filled with groceries behind her. As she got closer, I glanced up at her, and noticed that something about her was a little off. Something wasn’t….quite….right. Aha! Got it! As we got closer to one another, I very chivalrously addressed her, saying “Excuse me madam, I am Professor Schnakks from the Hangry Institute, and I just wanted to discreetly let you know that your pantyhose are wrinkled and seem to be falling down”. Nice, right? Even through my hunger pains, I was just trying to be a nice guy and help and old lady out. Only one problem–she wasn’t wearing pantyhose. She looked down at her legs, then looked up at me with a look that was the Hangry definition personified! She took out her umbrella and starts smacking me, hitting me like a rug on a clothesline, calling me a cad and worse. With every smack of the umbrella, I got more…and more…HANGRY! Dang!

As she walked away, I all I could think about was where I could get a tasty supply of snack boxes to keep with me at all times. As a research professor at the Hangry Institute, I knew just what to do. I went home and immediately logged onto Hangrykits.com. I ordered about a thousand dollars worth of snack boxes that were delivered right to my home. Some for college finals snack packs for my friends kid, some were healthy care packages for my work, and some…some were Hangry snack kits just for me.

What did I learn about the Hangry Definition today?

So what have I learned today? I learned three very important things.

I learned that the hangry definition is so true:I certainly became irritable, probably more than usual because I was hungry.

I learned that hUngry can turn to hAngry in an instant, but there is a cure!

Where can I go for the snack box cure?

The cure for the Hangry definition is to eat. The best, easiest and tastiest thing to eat are easy-to-use snack boxes filled with your favorite snacks. It doesn’t take much to scare hangry away, but it is important to have something close by at all times!

As a result of my decades of research at the Hangry Institute, I can say with great certainty that the absolute best, most reliable, most comprehensive place to get snack boxes that will work every time to keep the irritability that comes with being hangry away, is undeniably… right here at Hangrykits.com. Here at Hangrykits.com you’ll find everything you need to stop hUngry from becoming hAngry. My decades of research, and my recent sidewalk attack, have shown undeniably that keeping some snack boxes on hand can stop the irritability from sneaking in and taking over! Maybe you are in the mood for something sweet? Hangrykits.com has that covered. You have more of a taste for salty, savory, or sour? Hangrykits.com has that covered as well. They have snack boxes for just about any taste you may have, or any snack for which your are in the mood.

The variety of kits available at Hangrykits.com is pretty astounding. From Peanut Butter Delight to Chocolate Favorites, Spicy Hangry Kit to Super Sour Hangry Kit, Hangrykits.com has it all. They have taken all of the research we have conducted at the Hangry Institute (located in Hungary by the way), and developed the kits that you will need, before you even know you need them!

As the lead researcher at the Hangry Institute, I promise you that if you start feeling Hangry (remember the Hangry definition: Being irritable as a result of being hungry), the snack boxes you can purchase from Hangrykits.com will stop Hangry in its tracks. And that’s all we want after all, isn’t it? To keep Hangry at bay, so irritability doesn’t get the best of us and disrupt our relationships, put strain on marriages, lower the birthrate and put mankind at risk. The stakes are high, but the price for a snack box is low. So what are you waiting for? Some old lady with wrinkles to smack you on the head with her umbrella? No! Go now, before hangry begins!

So today in looking at the hangry definition I did learn that Hangry is real. I can certainly become irritable when I am experiencing hunger. I also learned that hUnger can turn into hAngry in an instant. And Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention the third thing I learned. The third thing I learned today was that, no matter how wrinkly you think someones pantyhose are, just be quiet and keep walking!

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