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Gift Kits

The perfect way to show
them you care!

Looking For That special Gift To Send Your Employees?

Hangry Kits are sure to bring a smile to every face. Best of all…sending Hangry Kits is super simple!  Visit our bulk order site to learn more.

Corporate, Promo, and Event Hangry Kits

Hangry Kits are a tried and true gift idea that gets attention. We have sent thousands of Hangry Kits to events, directly to clients, to employees, to promote events, as swag, to help promote non-profits, and to advertise with. We can add your logo, or anything you like to our kits. We are easy to work with. Whether you need 100 kits now for an event, or want to send 1000 custom kits to your clients at 1000 different addresses next month, we have you covered.

You also get to pick what’s on the inside. We have 7 different size boxes from a little smaller than a pencil box to bigger than a large board game box. We work hands on to determine exactly what your needs are, staying within your budget, and send you photos along the way to ensure you get exactly what you need. We have sold custom kits for as little as $5, and average at around $15 to $20. Connect with us for 10 minutes and we will determine your needs and tell you exactly what we can do. We have in house printing/graphics and more food and snacks than a convenience store.

If you have any questions or would like to get started please fill out the form below. Let us know how many kits you need, when you need them, and when you are free for a 10 minute call. We are generally available to schedule an intro call within 48 hours. If you need kits quickly please be sure to select “I need kits fast” below.

We have a 48 kit minimum order for custom kits.

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