Care packages can scare away Hangry!

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Care packages! Welcome back my hungry friends! Let’s talk about Hangry and Care Packages!

As you probably know already, I am Professor Schnakks from the Hangry Institute in Hungary. I hope you have been well since we last communicated. I have been busy at the Hangry Institute working on ways to cure that most devilish of conditions–Hangry! Hangry can happen to all of us, at any time. Hangry happens when you are hungry, then something happens to make you angry or irritable.

This happened to me not too long ago. You may not be able to tell from reading this, but I have a slight accent when I speak English. Usually not a problem. In fact, I have been told that some ladies actually really love a dude with an accent! So, I was talking to a colleague of mine, and he told me he was working on a new snack. He said it was a new type of edible cream you eat in the shower. Oh my! I never had thought of this before. Eating at the table? Sure. Eating in bed–who doesn’t like the occasional sausage just before snoozing. But eating in the shower? That blew my mind! Snacks to eat in the shower! That could lead to other new snack venues. Tasty Treats for the tub? Bite-sized bits for the bidet?

So I worked very hard to catch up to my colleague, and mixing edible plastic polymer with some protein powder and herbs, I came up with a delicious, waterproof snack. I unveiled it at the latest snack convention, and instead of the round of applause and gasps of joy I expected, I heard them laughing! My colleague hadn’t invented a snack for the shower–with his accent, he told me he had invented a new shower cream. He was trying to say SOUR cream! Yikes!

Since I was already hungry, I started to get irritable and knew that Hangry was on the way. Luckily, I just received a care package as a gift from a friend that was sent to me from I quickly opened up the briefcase that I had onstage with me, and right in front of everyone, I opened up the package of Goldfish crackers I had received, and proceeded to eat the entire package in front of the entire audience! While this may seem a drastic step, I know from my research that hangry is a condition that can come on very quickly at any time, and I did not want to get irritable in front of my colleagues. As I ate the delicious, fresh crackers, I could just feel the hangry feeling flowing out of me, like honey from a bear-shaped squeeze bottle.

Care Packages at Hangry

I got lucky that day. I happened to have the care packages with me on stage. The care package that I received was the Hard Plastic Emergency Snack Kit from It comes in the most adorable hard plastic case, and was filled to the brim with delicious snacks. I had already eaten the Goldfish crackers, but inside the Hard Plastic Emergency Snack Kit, there was so much more! When my speech was finished, and everyone, including me, had a hearty laugh at my silly mistake, I went back to my hotel room and ate the rest of the kit! I ate the fresh Planters Peanuts and tried a delicious chewing gum from Japan called Hi-Chew There were several flavors of airheads candy included, as well as some chewy granola bars. Laffy Taffy, Treetop Fruit Flavored Snacks and Rice Krispy Treat filled out the rest of the room in my tummy.

So, once again a care package from saved the day! The hard plastic kit actually makes it very portable and the size is perfect for the care package to fit in a briefcase, glove compartment, or very large pockets of a scientists lab coat! I can’t thank my friend enough for sending me the care package. I was lucky that day, but I have vowed to not leave it up to luck. I sent home and immediately logged onto and ordered some more Emergency Snack Kits. Some I will send away to my friends for care packages, but most of them I am going to keep just for myself.

That is the end of my little story for today. Do yourself a favor. For yourself, go to and buy some snack kits for yourself. For your friends, check out the amazing variety of care packages available to you. I’ll bet you can find one for everyone special in your life!

What did I learn today

  1. I learned that hangry can come on anytime, anywhere, to anyone
  2. I found out that a care package from can really come in handy
  3. I learned that you probably shouldn’t ever eat anything in the shower. Even delicious shower cream.

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